Sheriff’s deputies working out of the Century Regional Detention Facility, otherwise known as the Lynwood Jail have put together a program designed to help incarcerated mothers enrolled in the jail’s EBI program have extra time with their kids. Dubbed the Adults Bonding with Children (ABC) program, every Saturday morning, qualified female inmates who are currently enrolled in the Education-Based Incarceration program will be able to have supervised visits with their children.

Law enforcement officials recognize the harm that’s done to families, especially children, when a parent is incarcerated. As such, the ABC program is designed to assist in the building and maintaining of relationships between mothers and their children. On Saturdays, qualified inmates are taken to a building on the CRDF premises that’s designed to look like a daycare. The building itself is unsecured and is bereft of bars, cells and other trappings that indicate it’s part of a jail. During these meetings, mothers and their kids are able to play games, work on homework, do crafts, and otherwise interact in a (relatively) normal setting. At the end of the meeting, the families are given lunch.

To qualify for the program, female inmates must be free of any sort of disciplinary write-ups and be enrolled in the Education-Based Incarceration program.