When someone is arrested and taken into custody in Kern County, the jail they are taken to depends on where they were arrested. There are several substations in the county, such as those in Frazier Park, Mojave, Tehachapi, and Taft. When someone is arrested in one of these areas, they’re taken to the local substation to undergo booking and processing. The final step in the procedure is setting bail for those who are eligible. At that point they will be eligible to be released via bail bond.

When someone is arrested in Bakersfield, or if someone arrested in one of the outlying areas remains at the local jail for longer than 48-72 hours, they are usually taken to Central Receiving in downtown Bakersfield. Inmates who are in the middle of the bail bond process or are awaiting their first court appearance often wind up here. After their first court date, if an inmate is not bailed out they may be transferred from Central Receiving to one of the other longer-term holding facilities in Kern County. These facilities, such as the Lerdo Pre-Trial Facility and the Lerdo Minimum-Security Facility are often used to house inmates who are eligible for bail as they go through the court process.

When you work with us to bail someone out in Kern County, we can post a bond any time of day or night at any of the jails. The fastest way to get a friend or loved one out of jail is to begin the bail bond application process while the inmate is still located at the local jail where they were arrested. However, there is no “bad time” to bail someone out. Whether they were just arrested or have been in custody for a few days (or weeks), you can always work with us to obtain Kern County bail bonds.