New CRDF Program Aims to Help Jailed Mothers

Sheriff's deputies working out of the Century Regional Detention Facility, otherwise known as the Lynwood Jail have put together a program designed to help incarcerated mothers enrolled in the jail's EBI program have extra time with their kids. Dubbed the Adults Bonding with Children (ABC) program, every Saturday morning, qualified female inmates who are currently [...]

Inmates Convicted of Sex and Violent Crimes Are Being Freed Early

As the effort to reduce prison overpopulation in California continues, inmates convicted of sex and violent crimes are being freed early. Violent offenders, as well as those convicted of sex crimes are being released after serving as little as 40% of their sentences. Aside from that, some inmates are being freed even earlier. As the [...]

Palmdale Teacher Accused of Child Molestation

A teacher at Highland High School in Palmdale, California was arrested on suspicion of molesting a 17-year-old male special needs student. According to reports, the student himself told officials at the school that there were multiple incidents throughout the month of September in which he was sexually assaulted by the teacher. The incidents allegedly took [...]