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We understand you may have never dealt with a situation like this before. We are professionals in the field and will take the time required to patiently and expertly guide you through the bail process step-by-step.

The Bail Process Clearly Explained

Adventure Bail Bonds is committed to excellence in everything we do, with every client we service. From our clear and easy bail bond process and flexible payment plans, to our knowledgeable, caring staff, we promise that you will be expertly taken care of.

Quick Reference Guide

Fast, easy answers to the most common questions, please refer to our quick reference guide or call us 24/7 at toll free 855-414-2245 and speak with a live, licensed agent.

Additional Information

People often ask us, once the process is nearing completion, how long it will take to get their friend or loved one out of jail?

While the bail bond process itself, from start to finish, doesn’t take very long at all, each jail runs on its own schedule. The timing of a bail bond can take anywhere from 1-12 hours for an inmate to be processed out of the system once a bail bond has been acquired. We will always ensure that your situation is handled in the absolute best way possible.

Often, family members or friends are not in the same area where the defendant is being held. Many people ask if they can handle the bond from another city or even another state. The answer is yes.

You don’t need to meet with us directly at the jail or at our office to get the bail bond process completed. We can handle the entire transaction via fax, email or phone, or a licensed, professional agent can come to meet you directly at your home or office.

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Trusted Bail Bondsman

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Bail Bond Process

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Bail Bond Payments

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Fast Bail Bond Service

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