For most of us, holidays are a time of celebration and joy; for others, times of great sorrow. Law enforcement agencies typically see a spike in alcohol-related arrests and collisions around the holidays, some of which involve fatalities. In an effort to protect as many people as possible, on holidays like this Labor Day weekend, law enforcement will conduct a number of DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols throughout the city to not only dissuade would-be drunk drivers from getting behind the wheel, but to catch those that do.

Law enforcement began setting up DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols last weekend in key spots around the city and county, and will do so again this weekend. Officers expect the checkpoints to move efficiently and only detain drivers for a few minutes. Additionally, specially trained officers will be on hand to assess those who are suspected of being under the influence of drugs.

The saturation patrols will be deployed in areas of high-traffic in order to increase police presence and keep a more vigilant eye on the areas where checkpoints won’t be held. Any driver exhibiting signs of intoxication will likely be stopped and assessed by police.

DUIs can be incredibly costly, even if it’s your first-offense. Aside from your vehicle being impounded, you can have your driver’s license suspended, and be forced to pay hefty fines and attend DUI classes. Those facing second or more offenses face even stiffer fines, and may find themselves losing their license permanently.

Whatever you choose to do, whether you spend Labor Day weekend in Los Angeles or elsewhere, remember to stay safe. If you choose to drink, don’t drive.