Whether one expects it or not, being arrested and taken into custody can be a traumatic experience for anyone. Being unable to leave or contact friends or family when you want to can make it even more stressful. Below are a few tips for expediting the bail bond process to ensure you or your friend or loved one does not have to spend one more minute than necessary in custody.

Get the Arrest Info Together

To post bail, you will need some information about the defendant’s arrest. If you are in jail yourself, you can usually request the necessary information from one of the police at the jail or the one who performed the arrest. If you are unable to get the information yourself due to being in jail, a loved one may be able to help instead.

Contact a Co-Signer

Like finance options in other areas, sometimes a co-signer is necessary to secure bail. Knowing someone beforehand who is able and willing to do so is helpful, but if you’re not sure who that might be, you may need to ask a few people. Those who are willing to act as a co-signer will need to prove that they have the finances to do so. As such, it might be wise to have them get their tax returns and/or other financial documents together to show the bail bondsman.

Call a Bail Bondsman

The fastest way to get out of custody is usually to work with a bail bondsman. It is also the most affordable. When you call, the bail bondsman will let you know exactly what they need to post the bail bond. Having financial info, a co-signer, and arrest information ready beforehand can greatly expedite the bail bond process.

Call a Lawyer

This last step is optional, of course. Some people will want private counsel while others will go with the public defender. Either way, speaking with your lawyer can help the bail bond process in a variety of ways, many of which depend on the specifics of the case.