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We're California licensed, professional bail agents. The legal system is large and intricate, especially in California. It can be quite intimidating for someone who doesn't understand the in's and out's of it. Read our weekly blogs and articles for fresh, new information about our California legal system, laws, arrests and the bail bonds industry.

Ex-Teacher Accused of Sexual Assault on a Minor

S. Clark, 48, was arrested Tuesday in connection with several felonies relating to several instances of child sexual assault in 2019. Clark previously worked at Chaminade Middle School in Chatsworth, though investigators did not specifically identify the location that the crimes took place. After his arrest, Clark was held in lieu of $475,000 bail. Clark [...]

“Zero Bail” Policy Results in Multiple Arrests for Suspect

The passage of proposition 47 reduced the penalty for a lot of felony and misdemeanor criminal charges. Prior to the proposition's passage, whether or not a defendant would be immediately released or held in lieu of bail was determined by the severity of the crime they committed. Technically, that's still the case, though proposition 47 [...]