Arrested at different times after a report of a burglary on March 4th, an alleged burglary crew faces serious prison time if convicted. The suspects are reported to have committed what’s known as a “knock-Knock” burglary, where high-end SUVs are used to prowl affluent neighborhoods looking for homes to burglarize. According to reports, that’s exactly what happened on March 4th when Timothy Johnson, Ronald Johnson (no relation to the aforementioned suspect), and Dion Smith approached a home in Duarte and allegedly assaulted and robbed the homeowners. Currently, there is a fourth unidentified suspect who is still at large.

During the investigation of the March 4th incident, investigators were able to identify the 3 suspects currently in custody as well as tie them to several other robberies across Los Angeles County.

Currently, Timothy Johnson has just begun a 4-year prison sentence in relation to another burglary conviction. After the recent investigation, he has been charged with 2 additional robbery charges, 1 charge of attempted carjacking and 6 charges of residential burglary as well as a criminal street terrorism enhancement charge. If convicted on all charges, the maximum sentence could equal 180-years in prison.

Ronald Johnson was arrested after appearing in a Beverly Hills Court in relation to another burglary charge. Added to his list of charges are 13 additional charges of residential burglary, 2 counts of robbery, and a criminal street terrorism enhancement. If convicted on all charges, he faces 200-years in prison.

Finally, Dion Smith was charged with 2 counts of robbery, 1 count of attempted carjacking, and 8 counts of residential burglary. An enhancement of criminal street terrorism was also added to Smith’s list of charges. If convicted, he faces 165-years in jail.

Criminal street terrorism enhancements are used as a form of gang enhancement to greatly increase the penalty for a given crime if it’s committed on behalf of the gang.