It may seem like a shock when we hear on the news that minors were arrested for a crime. But, the reality is that juvenile arrests aren’t that uncommon. For serious crimes that are more typical of adult offenders, children are seldom arrested. However, for crimes like vandalism, shoplifting, joyriding, and other reasonably minor mischief-related suspicions, teen suspects are common.

If your child or teen is arrested it can be very worrying and frustrating. Frequently, when a teen is held in custody the parents’ first thought is to get them home.

Immediately After Arrest

When teens are arrested, they are typically taken to either the local police station or to a juvenile arrest facility to question the minors and figure out what happened. It is during this questioning that the parents’ info is obtained and they are called and informed that their child has been arrested.

After You Get the Call

If you need to bail a juvenile out, the best time to call the bail bondsman is as soon as you know they’ve been arrested. Do your best to remain calm and allow thins to go smoothly. Parents of juveniles who have been arrested are usually brimming with some combination of anger, anxiety, and possibly more. Regardless of the crime that a juvenile is suspected of committing, the time to discuss it as a family comes once everyone gets home – not at the police station.

Unlike adults, juveniles are almost always released on bail, which means that if the juvenile is not cited out after their arrest, they’re more or less guaranteed to qualify for bail. That is, if bail is necessary at all. Most mischief-related crimes won’t require a bail bond. However, a few of the more serious ones (such as assault-related crimes or more serious felonies like grand theft auto) might.

How to Bail Out a Juvenile

If you do have to bail your teen out of jail, the bail bond process is pretty much the same as it is with adults. Give us a call and provide us with the information we need and we’ll guide you through the process from there. It’s simple, effective, and can get your teen out of jail fast.