On Valentine’s Day, 79-year-old Raul Fonseca waited in line to use an outdoor Bank of America ATM in Temple City, an area of the San Gabriel Valley, when he was approached by a younger man and assaulted. According to reports, the assailant approached the group of people waiting to use the ATM and, when Fonseca made eye contact with the man, he grew hysterical and began screaming. When the man began screaming in Fonseca’s face, the elderly gentleman threw a punch in an attempt to protect himself. Unfortunately, that move just made the already hysterical man more aggravated. Allegedly, the man pushed Fonseca to the ground and began throwing punches and kicks to his face and body. The victim blacked out during the assault and awoke on the ground, covered in blood and surrounded by paramedics.

After a few days worth of investigation, police served a warrant at the home of  Eric Clayton Khun, 25, and took him into custody. As of yet, the investigation has yielded no motive for the attack and there is little information available on the suspect other than his name. The victim is quoted as describing Khun in that “He looked like a savage, like a lion. He was crazy.” Since nothing was stolen from the victim, it is unlikely that robbery was the motivation for the attack. As the investigation continues, only time will tell what could have caused Khun to attack someone seemingly at random.