Recently, Los Angeles Police Department volunteers in Malibu, California have gotten the green-light to issue parking citations.

This marks the first time ever that volunteer officers have been able to issue citations under the program.

There are ten volunteers total, each patrolling in groups of two.

The teams provide a minimum of 16 hours of volunteer time each month performing non-hazardous patrol duties. While the majority of volunteers are retired, there are a few younger folks looking to volunteer their time with the city, the youngest of those being in their early 20s.

According to LASD Deputy Shawn Brownell, the primary purpose of the volunteer force is to patrol specific areas and keep an eye out for suspicious activity. They provide another set of eyes in places where police presence may be sparse.

Each volunteer has been “hand-picked with the highest confidence” and are trained to avoid confrontations with the public. All of the volunteers are unarmed and instructed to follow the law should confrontation arise.

The ability for volunteers to issue parking citations will allow sworn officers to focus on more serious crimes.

The fines associated with the citations can equal anywhere from $50 for minor parking infractions to $400 for those who are cited for parking in handicapped spots.