The intersection of National Blvd. and Motor Ave. in Palms, California has become a point of contention between the locals in the area and the LAPD. In an attempt to reduce traffic in certain areas, traffic-calming measures have been deployed all over the city. The aim is to discourage drivers from using certain streets and “cut-throughs” and encourage them to use routes more suited for heavy traffic.

Some of the traffic-calming measures enforced by the LAPD are restricted turns, speed bumps, as well as added stop signs and traffic-islands. The measures have been moderately successful in certain areas, though some residents are upset over some of the unintended consequences of reducing traffic to the area. Consequences such as lost business due to inaccessibility as well as increased traffic in other areas.

On the corner of Motor Ave. and National Blvd. alone, about 200 tickets were issued between January 1st and April 12th of 2013. Some residents, though, are beginning to fight back.

When police cars are seen at the intersection, or parked nearby to catch those who would commit an infraction, business owners will run outside bearing large signs exclaiming that a driver will get a ticket if they choose to turn at the intersection. Other local businesses have begun offering discounts to customers who come in with traffic tickets obtained in the area.

While some of the rules are temporary, such as the inability to turn north onto Motor when traveling east or west on National, they still cause a significant disturbance in the area. Residents who get tickets are often simply trying to reach local grocery stores or other businesses.

Residents encourage those who regularly use the area to contact the city and push them to change the rules.