This week sees Scottie Pippen investigated by LAPD in Malibu assault case. The former Chicago Bulls star found himself questioned by the LAPD regarding the assault and hospitalization of an autograph-seeking fan.

Once he was named as a suspect, Pippen came voluntarily to a substation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff to undergo questioning by detectives. The alleged assault took place outside Nobu, a restaurant in Malibu, California that is popular among celebrities.

According to Sheriff spokesperson Steve Whitmore, Pippen was being co-operative and was released after about an hour pending further investigation. Additionally, Whitmore described the case as complicated and was unable to state if charges would or would not be brought against Pippen.

According to reports, the victim (as yet unidentified) was inside the restaurant taking pictures of Pippen and his family as they dined. Once Pippen got up and exited the restaurant, the victim continued taking photographs and followed him outside asking for an autograph.

At some point after asking for the autograph, an argument erupted that lead to the victim being transported to a hospital where he was treated for a head injury and then released.

Many of the witnesses were questioned by police in an attempt to determine which, if any, charges should be brought against Pippen. Witnesses questioned during the investigation described the alleged victim as “intoxicated” during the incident.

The police are currently describing the investigation as “ongoing.”