Cee Lo Green has recently been charged with giving ecstasy to a woman during a dinner in 2012. The victim also reported sexual assault, however the district attorney came to the conclusion that there was not enough evidence to bring that charge to court.

According to the victim, Green slipped her a dose of ecstasy as they were having dinner together on either July 13 or 14, 2012. Afterward, they headed to the Luxe Hotel in Los Angeles. The victim reports waking up in the morning nude with Green in the room.

Green could have ended up with the charge of “rape of an intoxicated person,” however prosecutors concluded that there was not enough evidence of wrongdoing in that instance to file rape charges.

While Green is certainly pleased at the fact that rape charges will not be filed, he is still facing charges of furnishing a controlled substance, a charge that includes a possible sentence of 4 years in California State prison.

The star is known for hits like “Forget You” and “Crazy,” and he is also a coach on NBC’s tv show “The Voice.” One of NBC’s most popular shows, “The Voice” is in its fifth season. When asked about Green’s future with the show in light of the charges, NBC declined to comment.