When it comes to being arrested and taken into custody, the importance of Los Angeles bail bonds cannot be overstated. Jail is an unpleasant experience, to say the least, and getting someone out fast is important. When someone is arrested, they’ll spend anywhere from two to four hours going through the booking and processing procedure, after which their bail will be set and it will be possible to obtain their release via bail bond.

If an inmate is taken to a local police or sheriff station jail, they will remain there once booking and processing are complete for up to 72 hours before they are transferred to a larger, busier, long-term holding facility. If the inmate is arrested near one of these larger jails, they might be taken there immediately for booking and processing.

After a few days, the inmate will attend a bail hearing where they can try and have their bail reduced or eliminated. However, if they are unable to obtain legal counsel while they are in jail, they’re less likely to get either of these options. After the bail hearing, the inmate will remain in custody as they go through the court process – which can take several months.

When you bail someone out of jail immediately after their arrest, they will be able to look into getting legal counsel, attend school or work, and take care of family obligations. None of these would be possible if the inmate remained in jail, and would likely result in losing their job, home, or even their children.

When someone is bailed out, one of the greatest benefits will be to their state of mind. Being charged with a crime and sitting in jail awaiting trial is incredibly stressful. The peace of mind alone, upon being released on bail, can be more than worth the effort to bail them out regardless of the other benefits.