It’s pretty safe to say that most of us didn’t expect the COVID-19 pandemic to still be going on. With much of the state still on lockdown, everyday tasks, such as going to the grocery store or the gym, can result in contracting a serious (and in some cases fatal) illness.

One of the most widely-used weapons in our battle against the Corona Virus has been to enact social distancing guidelines and mask recommendations. Wearing a mask, washing your hands, and staying away from others isn’t all that difficult for most of us unless someone gets arrested.

When someone is arrested and taken into custody in Los Angeles County, there’s a good chance they’ll be cited and released instead of being held in jail. However, not all defendants are afforded this luxury, which puts them in all but direct contact with the virus. If you’re worried a friend or loved one may not be as safe in custody as they normally would be, we at Adventure Bail Bonds can help you get them out of jail 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To begin the bail bond process, give us a call and provide us with a little bit of identifying information on the defendant. We will use the info you provide to locate them within the jail system and verify their eligibility for bail. Once that has been completed, we’ll have you fill out the short, simple bail bond application forms and sign the indemnitor’s agreement. After that we’ll dispatch an agent to the jail to post bail. Your friend or loved one will be released a short time after.

While Adventure Bail Bonds is located in Los Angeles County, we’re licensed to bail a defendant out anywhere in the state, including surrounding counties. No matter where your friend or loved one has been arrested in California, we have the information and the ability to help ease your worries and get your friend or loved one out of jail fast.