Mail Theft Suspect Arrested in Van Nuys

On Thursday morning, Tagui Abramyan, 41, was arrested at a Van Nuys residence under suspicion of mail theft. It's reported that Abramyan was caught stealing mail from the front of a Malibu home, prompting police to seek a search warrant for her residence. Upon their search, officers found hundreds of pieces of mail. After being [...]

Volunteers in Malibu get the Green Light to Issue Parking Citations

Recently, Los Angeles Police Department volunteers in Malibu, California have gotten the green-light to issue parking citations. This marks the first time ever that volunteer officers have been able to issue citations under the program. There are ten volunteers total, each patrolling in groups of two. The teams provide a minimum of 16 hours of [...]

Scottie Pippen Investigated by LAPD in Malibu Assault Case

This week sees Scottie Pippen investigated by LAPD in Malibu assault case. The former Chicago Bulls star found himself questioned by the LAPD regarding the assault and hospitalization of an autograph-seeking fan. Once he was named as a suspect, Pippen came voluntarily to a substation of the Los Angeles County Sheriff to undergo questioning by [...]