Several Options for Release From Jail

What isn’t known to many people is that once the booking and processing procedure is completed after an arrest, there are several ways an arrestee can be released from jail – aside from a bail bond.

It is also possible, though, that no release will be granted and an inmate must await their first arraignment in custody.

Some Options for Release

  • Bail Bonds – The most widely known method of getting someone out of jail is to secure a “surety bond” or bail bond. Both the bail bondsman as well as the indemnitor (person who signs the bail bond application forms) offer the court a guarantee that the arrestee will meet all of their court obligations if allowed to be freed.
  • Own Recognizance – Also known as O.R., own recognizance is when the judge allows someone to be released with a written agreement that the defendant accepts the responsibility of meeting all of their court appointments.

Judges who grant O.R. release will take into consideration the severity and number of the crime(s), a defendant’s prior criminal history (if any), the danger posed to the public, their employment status, obligation to the community, and the probability of flight. O.R. is not always guaranteed, regardless of whether or not a defendant satisfatorily meets any or all of the prerequisites.

  • Property Bond – This is when a lien is put on a property or real estate that will meet the bail requirements. A property must have equity up to 150% of the bail amount in order to qualify for a property bond.

The process is similar to refinancing or purchasing a home and as such is usually a very long, drawn out process; sometimes taking weeks or even months to complete. Once a property bond has been placed, the court has the right to foreclose on the property if the defendant does not meet all of his/her court appearances

  • Cash Bonds – A cash bond is exactly what it sounds like: the full amount of the bail bond is paid directly to the clerk at the jail in order to secure an inmate’s release. Due to this fact, cash bonds are often the most expensive option in getting a friend or loved one released from jail. If they fail to appear before the court for all of their dates, the bond in its entirety is forfeited to the court. However, if all appointments are met, then the bond (minus any fees) will be refunded.
  • Cited Out – Being “cited out” is usually reserved for minor infractions and traffic violations. It means that an inmate makes a promise to appear before the court at the appointed time and  is able to go about their business without any further legal hindrance. If someone is cited out and does not appear for court, a warrant for their arrest is often issued.

For any other information about options for release from jail, please refer to our bail FAQ’s page or call and speak directly with a professional bail bondsman over the phone at 855-414-BAIL (2245).