How Long Does the Bail Process Take:

There are several factors that play in the timing of a bail bond:

  • Has the defendant been arrested previously?
  • Is the defendant a US Citizen?
  • How busy is the jail?
  • How many are on staff at the jail?
  • The paperwork and payment process
  • Underwriting and approval of the bond

The defendant must be “clear for bail” which means their booking process must be complete before the bond can be posted with the jail.

The booking process consists of; taking photographs (mug shots), fingerprints and sending their information out to a national database to make sure there are no warrants, parole holds, immigration holds, or other mitigating factors which could play a role in the defendant’s case.

Once the bond has been approved by the bail bondsman, the paperwork and payment process can be taken care of. This should happen during the booking process, so as not to delay the defendant’s release. Once the bond has been approved, the paperwork generally takes from 15 to 20 minutes to complete.

Once the defendant has been cleared for bail, it can take as little as 30 minutes to as long as 10 hours for their release once the bond has been posted. Again, this will depend on the jail, staff and other factors where they are being held in custody.

If someone you know is being held in custody, call and speak with an agent to find out more about the bail timing process in your area at 855-414-2245.