When you contact a bail bond company, you probably have a lot of questions about the bail bond process. We offer you fast answers.

Whether it’s about the jail location or booking status of a friend or loved one, you’ll want to talk to a professional, licensed bail agent.

Call us anytime of the day or night and speak with a licensed bondsman who can walk you through the bail bond process and explain the details of the bond and your responsibilities as an indemnitor.

If someone that you know or love has been arrested and taken into custody anywhere in California, follow this is the bail bond process:

Step #1 – Call Us

  • Call us toll-free at 855-414-2245
  • You’ll immediately speak with a licensed, knowledgeable bail bondsman that will answer any questions and provide you with a detailed account of your loved one or friend’s arrest, charge and bail information.
  • We will ask questions related to the person who’s been arrested, then we collect your contact information and phone numbers in order to get you the necessary paperwork needed to get the process started.

Step # 2 – Fill Out The Paperwork

  • You can meet with us directly at our office. Or, we can quickly email or fax you our contract and application forms. You can fill them out and send them back to us via fax or email, along with your payment information.
  • You can even get this step started right now and expedite the entire process by downloading our bail bond application forms directly from our website.

Step #3 – Pay For the Bond

  • Once the bail bond application has been approved, for payment, we will accept Visa, Master Card, Discover and American Express.
  • Additionally, we accept direct deposit, cash, business or personal check (o.a.c) or money wire.
  • For those who qualify, we also have an array of flexible payment options designed to accomodate every budget.

Step #4 – Release From Jail

  • A licensed bail agent will immediately be sent out to the jail to secure the fast release of your friend or loved one.

Additional Information About the Bail Bond Process

If you’re worried about being able to get to our office – don’t be. Our bail agents are able to travel directly to your home or office, or if need be we can meet you at the jail in which your friend or loved one is located.

If none of the above are viable options, we are happy to complete the bail process via fax or email.

Your convenience, comfort and peace of mind are important to us, and as a result we will go to any length to ensure that you receive the top quality service you deserve.

You’d probably like to know that, when it comes to paying for the bail bond, we offer a wide variety of flexible ways to pay. Our creative payment options are designed to fit your budget, and you will never be charged additional fees, interest or any other charges if you choose to finance your bail bond with us.

Make Adventure Bail Bonds Your First Choice

Adventure Bail Bonds is committed to excellence in everything we do, with every client we service. From our easy bail bond process and flexible payment plans, to our knowledgeable, caring staff, we promise that you will be taken care of.

When you’re in need of a bail bond in California, make Adventure Bail Bonds your first choice. We promise it will be the only resource you’ll ever need.

For specific answers about the bail bond process, see our bail process page.

For fast bail bond information and answers to your bail bond process questions, call us toll-free at 855-414-BAIL (2245).