Terry Francis Savoy, 50, of Los Angeles has been arrested in New Orleans and hit with a laundry list of charges.

According to reports, Savoy has allegedly been selling fraudulent insurance policies to citizens all over the State of Louisiana. Some of the policies include Corker’s Compensation and Employer’s Liability Insurance.

The alleged scam began when Savoy started a company, NTRUST Financial, and would obtain contracts with small companies to handle their payroll. Once he established a business rapport with his intended victims, he would travel to Louisiana and sell the companies fraudulent insurance policies. The victims would then wire their payments for the policies to California.

Once Savoy received payment, he would provide no documentation on the insurance plans, nor would he charge monthly premiums to the companies who purchased them. Instead, he would provide “fact sheets” and  statement of bank credit; both of which were fraudulent.

Savoy was arrested in Los Angeles, but extradited to Louisiana to face trial. He’s being charged with five counts of theft by fraudulent conduct, seven counts of forgery of certificates of insurance, and six counts of illegal transmission of monetary funds.

Louisiana investigators are still looking for potential victims of Savoy’s scam, and may end up expanding the charges against him if additional ones are found.