Los Angeles County is getting 2.5 million for DUI checkpoints and traffic safety. $1.1 million of it is coming from state funding, while $1.419 million is coming from UC Berkeley in order to provide additional DUI checkpoints and various other traffic safety operations in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County.

Los Angeles County receives its aid every year from the state Office of Traffic Safety, so this is nothing new. However, a federal grant awarded by the state to the University of California school system is what allowed for the additional money to fall into Los Angeles County’s coffers.

As always, the purpose behind the DUI checkpoints set up by law enforcement across the county is to reduce the numbers of preventable deaths that occur during traffic collisions that involve one or more persons who are driving under the influence.

However, the money will be spent on more than just DUI checkpoints. It will also go for traffic light enforcement, speed enforcement motorcycle safety and distracted driving enforcement. All of those listed above contribute to fatal traffic collisions every year.

The money will be spent on paying overtime benefits to law enforcement officers who work overtime at DUI checkpoints, during saturation patrols, and will be used to fund another deputy position.