The Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department is conducting a DUI checkpoint in Malibu on Friday, February 21st.

The checkpoint will begin at 7pm Friday night and end at 3am early Saturday morning.

During the check, Sheriff’s deputies will be looking for signs of intoxication from drugs or alcohol in the drivers of the vehicles, as well as checking to ensure that their driver’s licenses are current.

The exact location of the checkpoint has not been announced.

These checkpoints serve as a deterrent to would-be impaired drivers by showing that law enforcement is serious about keeping an eye on the roads and ensuring the safety of travelers. Announcing the checkpoint beforehand, but withholding the exact location has been proven to reduce the amount of alcohol-impaired drivers on the roads.

Los Angeles County DUI checkpoints are usually set up in high-traffic areas and intersections to allow the police to check as many cars as possible. Despite their busy locations, officers pledge to hold up each driver only briefly, as the signs of alcohol or drug impairment are usually easy to spot.

Every year, in California, there are hundreds of alcohol-related traffic collisions that end in fatality. Unfortunately, law enforcement can’t be everywhere at once. Traffic stops like this, though, highlight their continued dedication to apprehending as many drunk drivers as possible.