Labor Day weekend DUI checkpoints in Los Angeles are nothing new. Labor Day, like many holidays, is often celebrated by drinking alcohol, and unfortunately, some folks decide to get behind the wheel after they do so. Law enforcement agencies like the LAPD and LASD have long used publicized DUI checkpoints and saturation patrols to dissuade individuals who would otherwise drink and drive.

Publicizing the checkpoints and saturation patrols might seem like a bad idea, but it’s actually the opposite. When the public is aware that law enforcement will be paying particular attention to drivers, they’re less likely to take a risk themselves. Additionally, publicized or not, the DUI checkpoints are often effective at catching individuals who choose to drive while intoxicated anyway.

Going through DUI checkpoints might seem tedious, but it really isn’t. Trained officers are able to tell pretty quickly whether or not someone appears to be under the influence, and those who are not are quickly waived through. Police will also be looking for signs of drug use, as well as checking for valid driver’s licenses. Interestingly, the DUI checkpoints often catch more people driving on suspended licenses than they do driving under the influence.

Saturation patrols are used when DUI checkpoints either aren’t feasible or are unnecessary. When conducting a saturation patrol in a given area, law enforcement will deploy additional police to watch for drunk drivers. Sometimes, just having an increased presence on the street is enough to dissuade individuals from getting behind the wheel.

Here are the checkpoints set for Sunday September 4th:

  • A DUI checkpoint will be conducted in Seal Beach on Westminster Ave. from 6 pm to 3 am.
  • A saturation patrol will be conducted in the Mission area of Los Angeles from 5 pm to 1 am.

Wherever you go and whatever you do this weekend, keep safe and have a happy Labor Day weekend!