Xzibit, the celebrity famous both for his music career as well as starring in MTV’s Pimp My Ride was arrested in the early morning hours of November 30th. Officers noticed a vehicle moving at a high rate of speed, and moved in to make a routine traffic stop. When they approached the car and spoke to the driver, they noticed it was Xzibit and that he “reeked of booze.” Xzibit was only in custody for a few hours, though, as once he sobered up he was released.

The arrest came right after the rapper’s wedding to his long-time love Krista Joiner. The two were married in Laguna Beach, Ca. and held the reception in St. Regis Monarch Beach. It was shortly after the reception, when Xzibit was driving home that he was arrested.

It’s unknown whether or not the rapper will need to appear before a judge, as there was no mention of whether or not he was released on bail. If so, and he is found guilty, he may face penalties which include informal probation, anywhere fom $390 – $1000 in fines, up to 6-months in county jail, a 6-9 month alcohol/drug education program and a possible suspension of driving privileges.

Being arrested is likely not what Xzibit had in mind on his wedding night. DUI-related arrests and collisions are some of the easiest things to avoid by simply having someone sober drive you home, setting up another method of travel (such as a taxi) or simply staying where you are until sober enough to drive.