For decades, automobile enthusiasts have loved to show off their masterpieces to both their peers as well as the adoring public. During these decades, like-minded individuals have formed all sorts of car clubs based around different models and types of cars.

For the most part, car clubs provide people with a group of pals with whom to hang out, work on cars, and talk about all things mechanical. Sometimes individuals in car clubs take their love of automobiles, and what they’re capable of, a little too far; often pushing, or even breaking, the limits of the law.

Recently, members of the California Highway Patrol, the Alcohol Beverage Control (otherwise known as the ABC), and the U.S. Forestry service arrested two individuals suspected of taking part in “speed contests.”

“Speed contests” are covered under the California Vehicle Code 23109 and described as “taking part in a motor vehicle exhibition of speed on a highway, or aid and abet an exhibition of motor vehicle speed on a highway.

The individuals who were arrested, were both cited and released from custody.