So, you get the phone call that a friend or loved one has been arrested and is currently in police custody at Twin Towers Correctional Facility in downtown Los Angeles. You know you want to get them out of jail, but how do you do it? What does it entail? It really isn’t all that hard, especially when a bail bondsman does the leg-work for you. To begin, let’s take a look at the arrest process.

When someone is arrested, their first stop is usually the local police station where they undergo booking and processing. They’re usually held at the police station jail for up to 72-hours before they’re transferred to one of the larger jails. Sometimes, though, the transfer occurs sooner because the police station they were brought to has an overcrowded jail. Either way, the sooner you find out that someone has been arrested, the sooner you can start the bail bond process. You can bail someone out from any of the police station jails in Los Angeles County, and it’s usually better to do it that way if you can.

Once someone is transferred to Twin Towers, they will have to go through another processing procedure. This time, though, it will be at a much larger, much busier jail and it will take a lot longer. The booking and processing procedure at the police station usually just takes a few hours, but at Twin Towers, it can take as much as an additional 24-hours to be processed in, and you cannot bail someone out during this period.

Once someone is processed in, and a bail bond is obtained, they will need to be processed out; and, you guessed it – there’s a line for that too. All-in-all, bailing someone out of Twin Towers is much the same as bailing them out from a local police station jail, it just takes longer because the jail is so much busier.