In late August, a group of four women entered the Sunglass Hut at the Valencia Town Center, approached a display area and began to put pairs of sunglasses into bags.

Then, they simply turned around and walked out of the store. The employee called for mall security, who was asked to walk through the mall and look for the suspects. However, they were able to elude security and leave the mall with the merchandise.

The prices of the sunglasses stolen that day ranged from $195 to $450, with the total haul being worth an estimated $6,550.

That wasn’t the first time that the Sunglass Hut was hit in this manner. Back in June, 3 women entered the store at around 1:45 pm and, while one woman distracted the store clerk, the other two walked out with about $3,000 worth of merchandise without paying for it.

In the August 24th incident, the women were caught on surveillance video entering the store, though the Santa Clarita Sheriff’s department deputies have yet to make any arrests.

The women are described as having brown hair and being of hispanic descent, with heights ranging from 5’3″ to 5’6″ and weight ranging from 120lbs. to 200lbs. Anyone with information regarding the suspects is asked to contact the SCV Sheriff Station at 661-255-1121.