The platinum-selling artist Rapper, Ja Rule, served the majority of his two-year sentence for a weapons charge. He was incarcerated in 2011 for illegal possession of a firearm was unfortunately, immediately remanded to Federal custody upon his release. 

However there still remained some time left on his tax-evasion sentence which he was serving concurrently. In 2011, he plead guilty on failing to pay taxes on $3 million dollars that he made in between 2004 and 2006 while living in New Jersey.

Ja Rule spent the last two years in an upstate New York prison, and is now housed at Oneida County Jail where he awaits further instructions from the court as to where he will serve the remainder of his tax-evasion sentence.

According to his defense attorney, though, Rule may have less than six-months left on his sentence and be eligible for a halfway-house.

Part of his sentence required the payment of all back-taxes, and being in a halfway-house will allow Rule to continue making music; the profits from which he can use to pay his remaining legal fees and taxes.

Ja Rule was held in protective custody while in prison due to his celebrity status, and was able to get out on his earliest release date despite two misbehavior reports for making unauthorized phone calls.