Michelle Suzanne Hadley, 29, was arrested and charged with stalking, stalking despite a restraining order, assault with intent to commit a sexual offense during a first-degree burglary, criminal threats, and 6 counts of attempted forcible rape. Thanks to the litany of crimes she is alleged to have committed, this California woman faces life in prison.

The charges stem from a relationship Hadley had with a US Marshall from 2013 to 2015. After the relationship fell apart, the US Marshall married someone else and left a jilted Hadley hungry for revenge. She began by allegedly stalking and threatening the US Marshall’s new wife via email. Hadley is alleged to have sent several threatening communications which included threats not only on the life of the woman, but of the couple’s unborn child as well. Hadley was quickly served with a restraining order barring any further contact between her and the pregnant wife of her ex-boyfriend. Unfortunately for the victim, Hadley decided to get creative.

She allegedly continued to stalk the pregnant woman, but her communications ceased. Instead, Hadley impersonated the woman on Craigslist where she posted several ads detailing a “rape fantasy.” On Craigslist, Hadley posed as the pregnant woman and communicated with several men, sending them pictures and details of her daily routine. The communication between Hadley (posing as her pregnant victim) and those who responded to her ads are alleged to have included requests for forcible sexual intercourse “even if she screamed or resisted.” Several Craigslist responders are said to have appeared at the victim’s home, with one man actually assaulting her. He ran off before police arrived on the scene.

Just under a month ago, Hadley was arrested by police but released on $100,000 bail. While out, she continued to harass the pregnant victim, until she was arrested last week on July 14th. If convicted on all charges, Hadley faces life in prison.