When someone is arrested on domestic violence charges in the Santa Clarita Valley, they will be taken to the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station where they will undergo booking and processing. Depending on the time of day, and how busy the station is, the process can take anywhere from 45-minutes to a couple hours. Once booking and processing is complete, bail will be set and the arrestee will be held at the on-site jail for up to 72-hours.

If a bail bond is obtained during this period, it can be posted at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station and the individual will be released from that location. However, if no bail bond is obtained, then the arrestee will probably be sent to Twin Towers (if it’s a male) or the Lynwood Jail (if the arrestee is female). When transferred, the arrestee will have to go through another processing procedure – this time at a much larger, much busier jail. It will take anywhere from 12-24 hours to process them in, during which time it will not be possible to bail them out.

Domestic violence charge bail bonds are no different than bail bonds for other charges, though the judge may set a few conditions that the arrestee’s continued freedom will be dependent upon. For example, it’s not uncommon for a judge to order that the defendant have no contact with the victim while he or she is out on bail. It can even go as far as having a restraining order issued, depending on whether or not the victim chooses to pursue that option and the judge deems it necessary. If alcohol was involved with the alleged instance of domestic violence, then a judge may prohibit the defendant from consuming alcohol while on bail.

If any of the conditions set by a judge are violated, the defendant may very well find him or herself back in jail. Once this has happened, bail will often be raised, making it very difficult to get another bail bond. Additionally, depending on the nature of the violation, bail may not be granted again.