Recently, an alleged rape occurred at a Red Line Station in East Hollywood. According to law enforcement, at about 6 pm, the victim asked the suspect for directions at the Vermont/Sunset station. The suspect lured the victim to the emergency stairwell at the station, where he allegedly committed a violent rape, during which he punched and choked the victim.

The suspect is believed to be a transient who frequents Red Line Stations between Compton and Santa Monica. He’s between 5′ 7″ and 5’10” tall and weighs between 165 and 180 lbs. He has a shaved head, an earring in his right ear, and a 2-3 inch scar on his right forearm. Anyone with information is instructed to call Transit Watch 888-950-SAFE, Crime Stoppers at 800-222-TIPS, or LAPD detectives at 323-561-3328.

Rape is covered under California Penal Code 261 PC and is described as non-consensual intercourse accomplished by means of threats, force, fraud, OR with a victim who is unconscious or incapable of consenting. There are many different types and kinds of rape, though the violent kind as described above are often what comes to mind. However, it’s possible to be charged with rape in a variety of situations.

For example, having sex with someone who is passed out drunk falls under the umbrella of rape in the State of California. Additionally, a person in a position of authority, such as a doctor, who tricks his patient into having sex with him to treat their illness is also considered rape.

Rape is always a felony in California, with the possible penalties including 3, 6, or 8 years in California state prison. If the victim is a minor, the minimum sentence is increased to 7 years, while the maximum penalty is increased to 13 years.