Civil rights attorneys won a victory in Orange County when a judge sided with them in a lawsuit regarding the county’s jail system. According to the ACLU, who filed the suit against the OC Sheriff Department. The suit alleged that the conditions in the county’s jails violated the state’s disability law and constitution.

Siding with the ACLU, the judge ordered the OCSD to “limit by half the population of inmates in all congregate living areas, including all dormitory housing and multi-person cells.” The court order also demands that the county make and submit a plan that details how the reduction is going to happen, and it needs to happen before Dec. 31st. The plan must ensure that masks are worn and social distancing guidelines are observed until COVID-19 is no longer a problem.

The victory by the ACLU is also a victory for convicted criminals’ (and unconvicted suspects’) rights. Often, once a person winds up in jail, their guilt is oftentimes assumed, if not stated directly.

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