Many home-invasion burglaries are committed by singular individuals looking to grab what they can quickly and get away before anyone’s the wiser. Sometimes, though, people with the same goals will put their heads together and plan out a rash of crimes.

One such group was recently caught in the act and arrested by LASD detectives in Pacific Palisades. The detectives had been investigating a burglary crew believed to be comprised of members of Los Angeles street gangs. The suspects allegedly used rented vehicles to burglarize homes in Los Angeles and Ventura Counties.

Investigating deputies initially spotted the suspects cruising slowly down the street in a Pacific Palisades neighborhood. Later, they saw the same car parked along the curb, with one of the suspects in the car allegedly acting as lookout. Later, two other suspects emerged from the home and got in the vehicle, which headed in the direction of PCH. Deputies quickly verified that the home had been burglarized and pulled the suspects over near PCH and Temescal Canyon Road.

Upon searching the vehicle, police found over $10,000 worth of merchandise from the recently burglarized home and a police scanner. The three suspects were booked on charges of commercial burglary and are currently being held without bail due to their criminal histories and suspected gang affiliations.