Suspected Sherman Oaks Carjacker Beaten with Chairs at Nail Salon

On Wednesday, January 31, three women at a Sherman Oaks nail salon were assailed by a man believed to be connected with a carjacking and robbery that occurred earlier that same day. The LAPD recently released CCTV footage showing the suspect, G. Arando, striking the women with his fists at Bio Laque Nails. According to [...]

Suspect Arrested for Scamming Los Angeles Deaf

A suspect was recently arrested by the LAPD for allegedly scamming members of the deaf community out of nearly $500,000. Hussein Ibrahim Dheini, deaf himself, is alleged to have gained the trust of several other people through his use of American Sign Language. He then exploited that trust to scam his victims into lending him money [...]

Facebook Fail – From Posting Pictures to Posting Bail

A misguided Ohio couple recently found themselves incarcerated in lieu of $250,000 bail and facing robbery charges after posting pictures of themselves with stolen cash on Facebook. It all started when the tattoeed John Mogan and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe decided to make some quick money by robbing a bank. On paper, their plan appeared to [...]