Alleged House Thief Arrested in San Gabriel Valley

Most of the time, you hear about a thief stealing from a house. This time, the thief allegedly stole entire houses. After an investigation by local detectives, a warrant issued on September 1 lead to the arrest of an alleged house thief in San Gabriel Valley. V.H. Ho was arrested at about 6:30 am at [...]

Studio City Sushi Spot Shenanigans

Recently, a man was arrested at a Studio City sushi restaurant for allegedly making criminal threats. According to witnesses, the suspect, Hiroshi Motohashi, was dining at Iroha Sushi of Tokyo when an altercation erupted between he and a restaurant employee. After the altercation, the suspect left - but didn't stay gone long. He returned shortly with [...]

Facebook Fail – From Posting Pictures to Posting Bail

A misguided Ohio couple recently found themselves incarcerated in lieu of $250,000 bail and facing robbery charges after posting pictures of themselves with stolen cash on Facebook. It all started when the tattoeed John Mogan and his girlfriend Ashley Duboe decided to make some quick money by robbing a bank. On paper, their plan appeared to [...]