Los Angeles Deputies to Refrain from Shooting at Moving Cars

Law enforcement officers on foot who encounter suspects behind the wheel of a moving vehicle find themselves in a precarious position. On the one hand, the suspect may speed off and escape, leading to a dangerous and lengthy chase. On the other hand, the suspect could use the car as a weapon and attempt to [...]

Community Reentry and Resource Center Open in Downtown Los Angeles

Up until now, there have been precious few places for the newly released Los Angeles County Jail inmates to go once they hit the streets. For those who have family or friends, there hasn't been much issue. However, not every inmate is so lucky. The great news is, on Thursday, May 22nd, the first-ever Community Reentry [...]

Los Angeles County is Getting 2.5 Million for DUI Checkpoints, Traffic Safety

Los Angeles County is getting 2.5 million for DUI checkpoints and traffic safety. $1.1 million of it is coming from state funding, while $1.419 million is coming from UC Berkeley in order to provide additional DUI checkpoints and various other traffic safety operations in unincorporated areas of Los Angeles County. Los Angeles County receives its [...]