Suspect Arrested Under Suspicion of Making Criminal Threats

Recently, a man was arrested by the Long Beach Police after he made threats of committing violence at an upcoming public event. Police were alerted to the online threat by a concerned resident and followed up immediately. After verifying the threat, they arrested J. Guzman, 27, of Huntington Park on suspicion of criminal threats. He [...]

Los Angeles Man Charged with Making Terrorist Threats

On Tuesday October 25th, police stated that a Los Angeles man charged with making terrorist threats to the Islamic Center of Los Angeles was found with nine handguns and 250 pounds of ammunition last week. The man, Mark Lucian Feigin, was arrested last week and has recently been released on bail. His case is being investigated as [...]

Studio City Sushi Spot Shenanigans

Recently, a man was arrested at a Studio City sushi restaurant for allegedly making criminal threats. According to witnesses, the suspect, Hiroshi Motohashi, was dining at Iroha Sushi of Tokyo when an altercation erupted between he and a restaurant employee. After the altercation, the suspect left - but didn't stay gone long. He returned shortly with [...]