A Canyon Country couple charged with attempted murder and robberies in Santa Clarita were arrested January 16. Hector Cordova and Lorena Sanchez, were originally arrested under the suspicion of attempted murder stemming from a knife attack on a man on January 15th.

Over the course of December 2013, SCV Sheriff’s Station detectives have been investigating a spate of “strong arm” robberies in which victims were knocked to the ground and their property stolen. Allegedly, two robberies occurred on Dec. 7th, two on Dec. 9th, one on December 11th and another on Dec. 26th.

The robbery on Dec. 11th was the only one in which Sheriff’s deputies reported there being both a man and woman involved, though Sanchez and Cordova are both being charged with each of the robberies.

Cordova is being held in lieu of $1.4 million dollars bail at the Pitchess Detention Center while Sanzhez is being held at the Lynwood Jail (a.k.a. CRDF) in lieu of approximately $1.3 million dollars bail. They’re scheduled to appear in court together on February 25 to face the charges.

It is believed that Cordova committed the robberies while Sanchez waited nearby in a getaway car. Whatever the case may be, both face serious charges and, should they be convicted, will undoubtedly receive harsh penalties for the vicious nature of the robberies as well as the attempted murders.