Deputies recently apprehended a 24-year-old Newhall resident and are holding him on burglary and drug charges.

After smashing the window of a red automobile, he grabbed a purse and took off running. A witness ran into a nearby business and notified the owner of the automobile who quickly called the police. Luckily, deputies were already in the area and, after a short run through adjacent paseos, arrested the suspect.

Arrested in Santa Clarita Valley

What happens to someone who is arrested and taken into custody in the Santa Clarita Valley? When arrested in the SCV, deputies will take the arrestee to the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station for booking and processing.

Deputies will book and process the individual by taking their fingerprints, photographs and conducting a background check. Bail will then be set for those who are eligible.

The Santa Clarita Sheriff Station is pretty small, and doesn’t get all that busy. So, booking and processing usually takes only about 45 minutes. After that, an inmate will remain at the SCV Sheriff Station jail until bailed out or transferred to a larger facility such as Twin Towers.

If the bail bond process has begun before an inmate is transferred, deputies will usually allow the individual to remain at the Santa Clarita Sheriff Station until the bail bond process has been complete.

However, those who end up being transferred will generally spend another 12-24 hours in custody as they will have to go through booking and processing all over again at the larger County jail.