At least two people have been robbed at a popular jogging trail near a Silverlake Reservoire. The joggers had their electronic equipment stolen by, who they report as four hispanic youths between 16 and 20 years old.

During one of the robberies, the thieves used bodily force and brandished a weapon. Because of this, the police consider them armed and dangerous and urge anyone in the area who thinks they see them to call police, and definitely do not approach.

Luckily, in both reported robberies the joggers robbed in Silverlake had their electronics stolen, such as ipads, iphones, etc. and neither of the joggers was seriously injured.

The police have given a few safety tips to anyone who regularly jogs the trail where the robberies took place, but they can and should be followed by others as well.

  • Always jog with a partner. Would-be thieves are often less inclined to attempt a robbery when there is more than one person to deal with.
  • Leave your electronics at home. This is a good idea for anyone jogging in an area that is sparsely populated.
  • Also, always jog in the daytime when the sun has fully risen. It’s much more dangerous and risky to jog when visibility is low.

Following these tips should help keep you safe when you’re out jogging, or whatever adventure you enjoy the most.