Electric scooters are getting really popular among the public. If you’ve been anywhere near Hollywood lately, you’ve probably seen row upon row of electric scooters available for rent. They’re a fun to get around, for sure. Increasingly, however, people are complaining about riders becoming a nuisance, and the LAPD has decided to do something about it.

On August 22nd, the e-scooter taskforce was launched. The taskforce’s job is to make sure that scooter riders are following the laws while enjoying their rides and not creating issues with traffic or pedestrians. Specifically, the taskforce will be making sure that riders stay off sidewalks, don’t abandon their scooters in the road or the middle of the sidewalk when they’re done with them, stay out of bike lanes unless the speed limit is 25 mph, and don’t carry any passengers (e-scooters are intended to be single-rider only). Additionally, riders must have a driver’s license or permit to use them.

Officers won’t be able to monitor everywhere that the scooter riders roam. They’ll be focusing on high-traffic areas including Melrose Ave., 3rd Street, and Beverly Blvd. Just because the taskforce isn’t focusing on other areas doesn’t mean police won’t be watching. Anyone who rides an e-scooter should be aware of the laws that govern their use and follow them accordingly.

It’s unclear what the citations will be, or what amount they’ll be for.

While the LAPD is beginning to take a look at the problems that e-scooters have been causing, cities around Southern California have already begun to take action. After last year’s Comic Con, the city of San Diego said it will be posing a $65 fine on e-scooter companies including Byrd, Lyft, and Lyme for each scooter that wasn’t picked up. Back in 2018, Beverly Hills issued a temporary 6-month ban on e-scooters entirely until they could come up with a list of regulations.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying a ride on an e-scooter, just be aware of the rules and regulations following their use in public spaces. If not, you may just get a ticket.