When someone is arrested and can’t immediately afford to bail themselves out, contacting a bail bondsman is your best option. A bail bondsman can get you or a loved one out of jail for a fraction of the cost.

Bail bonds are a process, and if you ever end up in the position where you need one, here’s what not to do.

Do Not Contact Family First

Your access to phones and ability to use them is severely restricted once you’ve been arrested. Unless you need family to bail you out, don’t call them first. Call a Los Angeles bail bondsman instead. If getting out of jail fast is your main priority, contacting your bail bondsman immediately will let them get the process started as early as possible.

Don’t Lie to Your Bondsman

Your bail bondsman will need some personal information on you before they bail you out. This usually consists of your address, phone number, the address of your employer, and some references.

Your bail bondsman will need this information to keep track of you once you’re out on bail, and providing false information is one of the fastest ways to wind up back in jail (if you even get bailed out at all).

Understand the Conditions of Your Bail Bond

There are certain conditions that come with being bailed out of jail. The conditions of your bail could include a lot of things, such as abstaining from alcohol, drugs, not meeting with certain people, etc. Make sure you know what you cannot do while out on bail. If you violate the conditions of your bond, you can be rearrested and have your bail forfeited to the court.

Don’t Get Rearrested

This one may seem obvious, but it happens. Being out on bail does not make you immune to being put back into police custody if you commit another crime. Keep yourself safe, don’t break any laws, and adhere to the conditions of your bail bond.