Edibles Hospitalizing Santa Clarita Youth

Medicinal marijuana has been "legal" in California for quite some time now, and it can be found in several forms. Smoking it is, of course, the traditional method, though not everyone is keen on inhaling the vapors into their lungs. With those folks in mind, "edibles" have been developed. "Edibles" contain high amounts of THC, the active [...]

Santa Clarita Deputies on the Hunt for Stolen Check Suspect

Recently, a woman in the Santa Clarita Valley checked her bank account statement and noticed a check had cleared that she did not write. After searching her checkbook, she discovered that the check that was allegedly written by her had been stolen from the book and used to pay for services from a Valencia company. Stealing [...]

Phone Scam Hitting Santa Clarita Valley Warns LASD

Phone scams are nothing new, and the one that's been hitting residents of the Santa Clarita Valley recently has been seen before, according to LASD officials. The scam involves a scammer calling a resident and informing them that  a warrant has been issued for their arrest for failing to appear for Jury Duty. The scammer [...]