Ventura County Man Convicted of Forgery Sentenced

Back on August 2nd, a licensed real estate agent from Camarillo pled guilty to forgery. According to reports, the real estate agent had been forging his clients' signatures on documents for some time, all without their knowledge. In California, forgery is covered under California Penal Code 470 PC and is described as signing the name [...]

Probation vs. Parole – What’s the Difference?

Probation and parole are two similar-sounding terms that most people are familiar with. But, despite having heard them before, a lot of people are unsure as to what the difference between the two is. Both of them involve putting certain limitations on an individual after they've been convicted of committing a crime. Generally, parole involves [...]

Prop 25 – California’s Bail Referendum

For years, the California State government, in tandem with cities and locales, has sought criminal justice reform. One of the biggest, most impactful changes made in recent years cam with the passage of Prop 47, which reduced the severity of several non-violent felonies down to misdemeanors, which did not necessarily require incarceration. Instead, arrestees would [...]