Suspect Arrested While Delivering Food in Stolen Vehicle

Officers with the Long Beach Police Department recently arrested a man who was driving a vehicle reported stolen. The stop occurred on October 12th near 34th Street on Santa Fe Ave in West Long Beach. According to reports, the vehicle was stolen from a car rental business in Las Vegas. Apparently, the suspect rented the [...]

Suspect Arrested Under Suspicion of Making Criminal Threats

Recently, a man was arrested by the Long Beach Police after he made threats of committing violence at an upcoming public event. Police were alerted to the online threat by a concerned resident and followed up immediately. After verifying the threat, they arrested J. Guzman, 27, of Huntington Park on suspicion of criminal threats. He [...]

Long Beach Police Crack Down on Distracted Driving

Police in Long Beach are cracking down on traffic violations on Pacific Ave. after a recent spate of hit-and-run fatalities this year between Willow and Anaheim Streets. Last February, a 63-year-old man was killed while using a crosswalk on Pacific Avenue. In May, a 60-year-old man was killed at another crosswalk on 16th Street after [...]