Bail Bonds in Port Hueneme

Do you know someone who has been arrested and taken into custody in or around Port Hueneme? If so, you’ve probably got a lot of questions regarding how to get them out of jail.

When someone is arrested in or around Port Hueneme, they are usually taken to the Ventura County Jail or Santa Maria Jail to undergo booking and processing. These jails represent most of the long-term housing of inmates for Ventura County.

A licensed, professional bail bondsman is available 24/7 to take your call. If you have questions about bail or would like to bail someone out of jail, call us any time at 805-874-BAIL (2245) or toll-free at 855-414-BAIL (2245).

Ventura County Sheriff and Port Hueneme Police Department and Jail Information

Ventura County Sheriff’s Department – Main Jail
800 South Victoria Avenue
Ventura, CA 93009
Main: 805-654-3335

Port Hueneme Police Department
250 North Ventura Road
Port Hueneme, CA 93041
Main: 805-986-6530

Port Hueneme Police Department  Storefront/Substation Office
625 West Channel Islands Blvd.
Main: 805-985-8943

Ventura County Inmate Locator

The Port Hueneme police work out of a small substation on West Channel Islands Blvd. which has no on-site jail. As a result, when someone is arrested, they are taken to one of the larger jails in the area – usually the Ventura County Jail, but in some cases, inmates are taken to the Santa Maria Jail. Either way, we can help you locate your friend or loved one no matter where they are in the jail system.

The Bail Bond Process

Getting someone out of jail isn’t very hard. It starts by giving us a call and providing us with some identifying information about the person you want to bail out of jail. We will use that information to locate him or her within the jail system and verify their eligibility for bail. Once that has been established, we will have you fill out our short, simple, bail bond application forms after which we will dispatch an agent to the jail to post the bond. Your friend or loved one will then be released once they can be processed out.

How Long Does it Take to Process Out?

The length of time it takes to be processed out of the county jail will depend on several factors, including how busy the jail is at the time the bond was posted. Generally, you can expect your friend or loved one to be released in a few hours, however, it can take a little longer sometimes when the jail is very busy.

Can Bail be Done Remotely?

Yes! If you are unable to meet with us, we can easily complete the bail bond application process from start to finish via phone, fax, or email. Whatever works best for you works best for us.

If you would like additional information regarding bail bonds in Port Hueneme, or you would like to immediately get the bail bond process started, give us a ring any time. We can be reached locally at 805-874-BAIL (2245) or toll-free at 855-414-BAIL (2245).