Hermosa Beach Jail Bail Bonds

Hermosa Beach Police Department
540 Pier Avenue
Hermosa Beach, CA 90254
Business Phone 310-318-0301
Dispatch 310-524-2750
24 Hour Hermosa Beach Jail Bail Bond Info 310-782-BAIL (2245)
LASD Inmate Information

Hermosa Beach is one of the three beach communities (along with Redondo Beach and Manhattan Beach) in Los Angeles’ South Bay region.

It isn’t a very large community, with a population of less than 20,000 according to the 2010 census, and the jail isn’t very large either. As a matter of fact, it’s only equipped to hold about 20 people at a time.

Therefore, those who are arrested and held in lieu of bail will typically be transferred to one of the larger downtown jails pretty quickly. Men are sent to Twin Towers Correctional Facility while women are transferred to the Lynwood Jail.

When this transfer occurs, an inmate can expect to spend at least an additional 24 hours in custody as they work their way through the much, much busier jail system. Beginning the bail bond application process as soon as possible, though, can often avoid the need for transfer altogether.

How Bail is Set

When an individual is arrested by law enforcement, they are taken to the police station to undergo what is known as booking and processing. You’ve probably seen this procedure countless times on television. It involves recording an arrestee’s fingerprints, taking their photograph and conducting a national background check. Once all of this is complete, bail will be set as per the LA County Bail Schedule.

Bail Bond Process

While finding out that a friend or loved one has been arrested and taken into custody can be stressful, obtaining a bail bond often isn’t. It all starts by giving us a call and providing some general information about the defendant so we can locate him or her within the system.

Once they have been located and their eligibility for bail verified, it will be time to fill out the bail bond application forms and indemnitor agreement. We are committed to making this as easy as possible for you, and are more than happy to meet you at the jail, our office, your office, or somewhere in between. If you are unable to meet with us in person, we are more than happy to complete the entire bail bond application process with you via fax or email.

Once everything is signed and complete, we will dispatch one of our agents to the jail and your friend or loved one will be released a short while later.

Bail Costs and How to Pay

We will meet and beat any locally advertised price! We add no additional charges or fees when you work with us, nor do we charge interest if you choose to finance your bail bond. Our goal is to help you get your friend or loved one out of jail as fast as possible, not to put financial stress on families. For clients who are interested in financing the cost of a bail bond, we have several flexible payment plans that are designed to fit a variety of budgets. Regardless of how you choose to pay, we never include any additional fees, charges or interest.

We accept a variety of payment options including major debit/credit cards (Visa, Master Card, American Express and Discover), as well as cash, check, money order, bank account transfer and money wire.

If you’d like more information regarding Hermosa Beach Jail Bail Bonds, or you’d like to get the bail bond process started immediately, call and speak live to a professional, local bail bondsman any time of day or night at 310-782-BAIL (2245) or toll-free at 855-414-BAIL (2245).