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We're California licensed, professional bail agents. The legal system is large and intricate, especially in California. It can be quite intimidating for someone who doesn't understand the in's and out's of it. Read our weekly blogs and articles for fresh, new information about our California legal system, laws, arrests and the bail bonds industry.

Elder Abuse Charges for Stan Lee’s Ex-Business Manager

Stan Lee's former business manager, Keya Morgan, was arrested under suspicion of elder abuse by a joint task force including members of the LAPD and the Phoenix Police. The allegations against Morgan state that he took control of Lee's business affairs in February of 2018 and proceeded to isolate the Marvel legend from his family [...]

Suspect Sought in Violent Rape at Red Line Station

Recently, an alleged rape occurred at a Red Line Station in East Hollywood. According to law enforcement, at about 6 pm, the victim asked the suspect for directions at the Vermont/Sunset station. The suspect lured the victim to the emergency stairwell at the station, where he allegedly committed a violent rape, during which he punched [...]

Driver Sought in Hit-and-Run Fatality on November 21

On November 21, 79-year-old Marilyn Joy Haight stopped at a grocery store near the intersection of Pioneer Blvd. at Lindale Street in Norwalk to pick up supplies for the next day's Thanksgiving celebration. Minutes after leaving the store, LASD deputies at the Norwalk station began receiving reports that a woman was hit by a moving [...]