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We're California licensed, professional bail agents. The legal system is large and intricate, especially in California. It can be quite intimidating for someone who doesn't understand the in's and out's of it. Read our weekly blogs and articles for fresh, new information about our California legal system, laws, arrests and the bail bonds industry.

Keep families Safe – Tell Your State Senator NO on SB10

The State Legislature is meeting very soon to vote on the passage of SB10 – California’s Bail Reform Law. Backers of the bill would have you believe that the only reason people remain in jail is because they’re too poor to afford bail. If passed, their proposed reform would eliminate  bail entirely and instead […]

Santa Barbara County Jail Bail Bonds

The main jail for Santa Barbara County is the Calle Real station, which houses both pre and post-trial inmates. Depending on where someone is arrested and taken into custody in Santa Barbara, they may be taken to the Santa Barbara County Jail to undergo booking and processing. Once this procedure has been completed, bail […]

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David Turpin Pleads Not Guilty to Perjury

David Turpin who, together with his wife, abused their children for decades and shackled them to beds has pleaded not guilty to 8 charges of perjury for lying on official forms. At the same time, his wife pleaded not guilty to 3 charges of false imprisonment and 1 charge of assault.

According to reports, Turpin […]

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