If there’s a warrant out for your arrest, or if you think there may be, you may be living with significant anxiety every time you hear a knock at the door. Is it the police?

Living in fear isn’t going to fix your problems; only facing them will. When there’s a warrant out for your arrest and you turn yourself in, you’re able to get the ball rolling on resolving your situation.

How to Find Out If You Have a Warrant

If you suspect there’s a warrant out for your arrest, you typically have three options to choose from when you want to find out for sure.

  • You can request a criminal background check on yourself
  • You can search the local court’s website or contact the court clerk directly
  • Search the County Sheriff’s official website

Do Warrants Stay Active Forever?

The length of time a warrant stays active in California depends on the type of warrant it is. Sometimes, a warrant will stay active until the statute of limitations for the underlying crime runs out. Other warrants remain active until canceled by a judge, such as felony arrest warrants and bench warrants.

Why Turn Yourself In?

If there is a warrant out for your arrest, it’s usually best to take the first step toward resolving it by turning yourself in. Not only will you be able to rid yourself of the anxiety of living in fear of being arrested, but you can ensure that your arrest happens at a time that’s convenient for you. Turning yourself in can sometimes reflect positively on you when it comes to setting bail or attending a bail hearing in front of a judge.

Where Do You Turn Yourself In?

To turn yourself in, simply go to the local police station or jail and tell them your name, that there’s a warrant out for your arrest, and that you’re there to turn yourself in. Depending on the crime involved, you may not even end up going to jail. It’s possible you’ll be arrested, booked and processed, and then cited out.

Before you turn yourself in, check with a bail bondsman to see if bail has already been set. If bail is already set (and it often is) you can work directly with a bail bond company before turning yourself in. Then, once you do and the booking and processing is complete, you can then be bailed out directly and avoid spending time in custody before your court dates.